G53 Network Membership

G53 Network membership starts with nomination by a current G53 Network member and is decided by our Executive Committee through a rigorous and competitive process.  

Eligible candidates are scholars with a track record of work related to financial literacy and personal finance, who hold at a Ph.D., and are at a university, a central bank, a research center or a similar institution, or are in the financial industry. Candidates should be conducting research. Exceptions can be granted by the Executive Committee.

The titles of Research Fellow or Research Associate are decided according to seniority in the field and the volume of high-quality research published on financial literacy and/or the impact the scholar has had on the field. Research Fellows are nominated for a five-year period and Research Associates receive a lifetime appointment.

If you are interested in more information about becoming a member of the G53 Network, please send an email to contact@g53network.org.